defending cities.

I certainly agree with some krills point about the city and think that different rules might apply in protecting cities. Perhaps allowing a larger player to actually banish a young one from a city for a period of time by making him cry uncle, as krill and narissa have done to me... is the way.

Perhaps after a kill within ones own city a \"give mercy in return for banishment\" (for a av year perhaps?) and the ejection mechanism would be similar to that of an enemied player with dp trying to walk in?


Actually this dialogue is making me wonder if I am abusing the generosity of Krill and Narissa with regard to umm stave and men within their city. If stripping is a fair part of the game they've gone easy on me.

What I don't get though is why people get all up in arms if a stave is felled but don't see the parity in one of their citizens kiling me. If each time I got jumped by mojo I fell a stave or killed a few parrian isn't that fair? I mean a stave might be worth 400 g hardly anything to the numerous swords I've lost and much less compared to the potential loss of packs etc. And getting shipped is expensive in time and defences etc.

I know this is wandering from the bloodlust issue, but there are issues of defending a city, but d

if one is getting mugged by players from a city shouldn't that cities resources be a fair target until they reign in their citizens?

I know the answer to that is a bit uncertain, but thats part of the quandary... if the larger players could use any and all force to cow the smaller players they might succeed entirely. So I guess in the end there are matters of larger players doing one of three things... Contraining thier powers beyond what they could rightly demand out of either HONOR?, Algorithmic Limitations?, or Divine interventions or fear there of... I think the third makes the most \"game\" and story line sense in that its so

rt of easy to imagine a god smiling on the little guy? (or is that a culutral trait of mine??)... but smiling in ways that didn't entirely enable stupid or obnoxious behaviour.

No sour grapes on my part. Without stripping the balance is pretty good in that the ones getting beaten up get set back somewhat without it being game demolishing. Sort of like losing a few points or games in a tennis match... there will always be another point , game or match, and sure you'll lose a lot more when you're bad and playing with big ones.

But the results of one match don't hurt you for the next, and too much stripping sorta extends to far forward and makes people feel hopeless and give up the game?

Probably said too much. Krill and Narissa have been quite polite I must say although hardly too soft. Its a hard balance I'm sure... any systematic approaches that could help balances between paticpation and effectiveness vs logic that larger players should be able exert much more power makes sense... but clearly its hard... so thats the purpose of the dialogue I guees.

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Agamnion, in the year 1144.