Avalon Tshirt.

Wyldefyreto Everyone

Now for the lighter side and a little laughter, may I introduce the slogans that were chosen for the first ever Avalon Addict T-shirt. If anyone wants the design, pls msg me personally and I will see what I can do. These \"Slogans\" represent the Guilds and before anyone gasps, the \"IT\" refers to \"fighting and interacting within Avalon of course\". Enjoy

Alchemists Do it While Drinking. * Animists Do What Comes Naturally * Artisans Do it With Skilled Handwork * Astrologers Do it Until They See Stars * Bandits Do it While Stripping * Bards Do it For a Song * Brigands Do it With Leather Netting * Cavaliers Do it While Mounted * Enchanters Do it While Disrobing * Knights do it With Lots of Cleaveage * Loremasters Do it With a Wave of Their Enormous Staff * Mages Do it In the Stables * Minstrels Do it Until they Sing * M

ystics Do it Through Bondage * Necromancers Do it While Chanting to Themselves * Paladins do it With Great Dexterity * Prophets Do it With Crystal Balls * Rangers Do it In The Treetops * Seers Like to Watch * Sorcerers Like it Dark and Dirty * Warlocks Offer the Most for thier Skills * Wizards Make Every Encounter Magical * and \"Warriors Do it With Heavy Weapons

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Here's to 16 amazing years! Cheers

Written by my hand on the 15th of Agamnion, in the year 1144.