I think your points are generally on. Perhaps I mispoke to a degree, and I'll admit you have far more experience with the world than I which may give you greater perspective as well as the ability to kill someone three times your size.

The gods did create the pacifist option, as well as divine protection, and bloodlust. They seem to work pretty well. Like I said, and suggested only a minor tinkering around the edges seems worth thinking about.

What I question, and perhaps its a lack of understanding of the game or dreams or what might be, is this sort of free for all well it tends to be all or nothing in terms of protection and choice between completely being off limits or always being at the mercy of repeated slaying by a larger opponent.

Now, I can see being killed everytime I walk on enemy soil, however, being killed repeatedly by the same superior fighter (no matter of their rank on paper) may be a part of the game BUT, maybe it shouldn't be?

Different games for different people. I like avalon hill stategy games, and I liked d&d role playing games. Aspects of the fighting are quite intesting but other aspects of the fighting seem like Nitendo arcade games testing manual dexterity and reaction on a key board rather than roll playing.

Its a challenge for the gods to make a game for all people, I udnerstand. But I'd think one that perhaps the gods might want to try. Leaving a little more room in the middle between Pacifist and Bloodthirsty Fighter Avenger/anarchist *might* be a good idea. How to do it without ruining the game for fighter lovers is a good question.

I can't imagine its too much fun fighting someone who can't put up a fight and I'm not sure that is something that needs to be preserved. Given the multitude of types of attacks and the possibilities of gang defences tryign to make strict all or nothing rules is also problematic, so understanding that I was only putting forward ideas to think about not full soluations, and I think Orielle was doing something similar.

I think the balance is overall ok, but I can see how if someone got on the bad side of a few people they could just be pelted into a permanent pacifist position and perhaps look for other entertainment where if there were more middle options there would be many more players and more possiblities here.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Agamnion, in the year 1144.