Herb and Poison Summit.

On behalf of the Animists, I believe a summit to discuss the state of plant growth and to encourage cooperation among those guilds willing to participate would be of great benefit to the land. I'm sure my guild will be in contact with you as this unfolds.

I need to point out two things on your agenda worth noting from the beginning, however.

\"Druids do not handle poisons in any way\" is incorrect. Animist have as much access to poisons as mages have to herbs. The fact that we do not sell or distribute them, or make extensive use of them, is by choice, not by design. To exclude Animists from discussions on the topic presumes that our reluctance to employ herbs is by external pressure rather than internal. If you expect the guild to abide by any decisions reached at the summit regarding poison picking, it would be wise to have an animist repr

esentative in attendance.

A discussion of the ramifications of cornucopia would be prudent, to incourage information sharing and promote herb growth through cooperation. We welcome thoughtful advice in how we administer this skill and welcome cooperative efforts to prevent and monitor root rot and overuse of cornucopia. However, any resolution on the topic would have to provide sufficient flexibility for the broad circumstances that may arise and should recognize that the use of our skills cannot be bound by an outside party.

The Animists Guild holds the preservation and well-being of the herb and poison populations as the highest aim for the use of our associated skills, and welcome the opportunity for dialogue and cooperation you have proposed. We look forward to communicating with you on a personal level in the coming days.

Druid Elbethamore,

Deputy Guildmaster of the Animists

Written by my hand on the 10th of Agamnion, in the year 1144.