Well, I assume some of the instances you are referring to me. Clearly you are Dunccan. It's a shame you have to post for Aryanna, rather than let her take up for herself.

While I do admit I get worked up every once in a while, and let the occassional vulgarity fly out. It is not my intention for any of it to be a personal attack.

You lot are my enemies, I tend to like to make my enemies pay for actions against me, either via violence, wit, or the good ol fashioned slander.

Now, for those on the other side of this fence. I am going to tell you that no one in Avalon wants to see the msgs I have received from Pahn, Finbar or Dunccan.

I wouldn't dare repeat them in this public forum, and they are not something I look foward to receiving either.

It's Avalon, that's how it is. You should just deal with it, like I deal with it. Ignore it.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Eleuthral, in the year 1144.