The Bandits guild in particular.

Greenwood Godiva Aja, Nekkidness Unleashedto Everyone

To whom it may concern,

Sometime ago I recieved a letter from the Bandits guild regarding the whereabouts of my beloved eagle. I threw it aside, considering it to be nothing more than the junkmail it obviously is. As I was cleaning out my desk, I came across this letter again and for some reason I felt the need to respond to this anonymous form letter...

\"It is our deep regret to inform you that we've found one of your poor mounts wandering through the streets. Emaciated, frightened, we found him just in time! \"

Whoever stole my mount did not find her in wandering the streets. I am quite certain of where I left her tethered for the few moments I needed to tend to otherworldly matters. When I returned, she was gone. Nor was she emaciated, \"dirty, knotty, and very much lacking in self-esteem\". I take very good care of the animals in my charge and, as a Ranger, I resent the implication that I do not.

As for the \"services and training\" you have forced the poor creature to endure, this was of your own choosing and I will not pay for it. The 1000gp you're asking is more than I paid for her as a hatchling. Not to mention the fact that her spirit has been broken from being held hostage and used as a mere beast of burden by your guild for so long. I do not care to have her returned to me. She is now more suited to be

mastered by a much lazier person than mysefl and I fear she is not the same eagle I raised to be my stalwort companion.

So please, if you have any compassion at all, put her down. Release her body from this tortured existance so that her spirit may roam free again.

Swinging naked through the trees,


Written by my hand on the 7th of Hindyear, in the year 1143.