Well I agree in so far that a temple should be considered fair game if someone is speedpathing out and killing folks then disappearing back in. Or if they commit an offensive act and then retreat there. But *most* people dont abuse temple in that manner. I'll be the first to admit I spend time there, but I dont HIDE in there and certainly dont Launch attacks from there. If I am simply not giving things my full attention or am simply there hanging out and not out looking for a fight, it is nice to be ab

le to be reasonably safe in your own patron's temple.

Everyone should have SOME place where they are reasonably assured of being left alone if they are just minding their own business. But yes, unfortunately there are people who portal in from THEIR temple, kill people then run back just as quick and the people with attitudes like that ruin it for the people who go there for some peace and quiet when things get chaotic.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Midwinter, in the year 1143.