If the change to potions is meant to level the playing field and make those with elaborate coding systems on the same level of those who have fought their way to the same level with intuitive ability and knowledge (both admirable skills), then perhaps the mages chameleon ritual could be changed so it does not change potion color. That way, the main point of the potion change would remain (players can only hold a limited amount and must use discretion in which they hold and when they remove potions from

their sack), but they are not faulted for failing to know how to code an elaborate system which allows them to set, change and switch potions by numbers.

That is, a player can use potions by color once again, ie get blue potion from sack and put empty bottle in sack, when their health potion (or whatever else they have decided to make their blue potion) is empty. That way, the main goal behind this change still exists, but players have a feasible way of determining which potions are which, since potionlist only works for potions held in hands. As long as chameleon ritual exists, numbers must be used to determine which potion in one's sack/pack is which,

and those numbers are impossible to quickly change, if one is in the heat of battle.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Leaflost, in the year 1142.