I happen to agree with Narissa and I dont think I could approach her logic and eloquency, but I will say the following. I have lived in the realm for more than 140 years. That some potions weigh more and some are weightless is something that has existed in all that time and was something I was told as in my first days here. I think that it has been the way of things for most of us at least, all our lives. Its not something that we were concealing or \"Not mentioning\" to anyone, I simply thought it was i

ntentional for all the reasons Narissa listed. I grew up in the land being told that Pink and Beige potions have no weight, so I simply assumed it was something intentional. After 5 RL years of things a certain way, you tend to think thats how it was intended to be. Though apparently, by your post I assume its not something the Creator, in his wisdom, intended.

But like Narissa said, your average fighter carries upwards of 30 potions at a time, some going as high as even 100. I have absolutely no concept of just HOW heavy potions will become or what the average number of them someone can carry will be, but if its simply a matter of Gameplay and realism, I, and I'm sure many others, would agree with Narissa and ask that potions be left how they have been for many long years. The system works and has worked for a long long time. To change it would, as she state

d, simply complicate the mechanisms and make things more unwieldy and even LESS immersive, vs. the current system.

In all honesty, given who the deity is that posted on the subject, I doubt (though I could be wrong) You will see a great deluge of posts in agreement, but If you were to poll, one on one, every avalonian I sincerely doubt you could find more than 1 or 2 who would want the system changed at all. And on the whole, isnt a \"game\" like this more dependant on the support of people who spend time playing it and more dependant on their enjoyment vs. the desires or whims of someone who exists outside the same

structure as the players? I intend no disrespect to any of the Gods, least of all Lord Nostradamus, the matter was simply on my mind, and to see Narissa's post encouraged me to babble on the subject as well.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Leaflost, in the year 1142.