With all defence intended, this is a post not as a mortal to a god, but as a player regarding a potential coding change.

I was under the impression that weightless potions were not an oversight or a bug, but a planned part of the game. Their qualities have not been kept secret or hidden - they have been discussed publicly, even on the various sections of the bb. The mage chameleon ritual exists as one counteraction to the benefit of weightless potions, each cyle the ritual hits making potions a newer, heavier color, until they are heavy and useless.

If potions are changed so only a very limited amount can be held, the effect on the game will be fairly detrimental. A worthwhile, enjoyable fight, especially a group melee, can concievably last for an hour or more, and several potions, such as health or mana, could see several bottles drained over the course of action. Limiting the amount able to be held would put a heavy favour on the players who are adept at making complex coding programs to effortlessly switch between and shuffle potions, while tho

se who may be more creative or intelligent or know more about the intricacies of the skills of Avalon will have to struggle through attempting to reset potion variables mid-fight.

Avalon has always seemed, to me, to be a mud much more resistant to fighting machines and automatons, compared to other muds out there (examples being things such as herb delay and yarl, and how they help resist programs for fighting/curing being written), but this \"simple\" and \"logical\" change could make a drastic switch in favour of those programmed bots, over sentient fighting.

Also, consider the more ideological ramifications of this change. It is one that makes the land adhere more to physics - at first glance a logical choice. But do we really play this land for realistic representation? If we change potions to more accurately reflect reality, shall we also change the ability to outpouch (to better represent the search through various pouches for various herbs and poisons), or perhaps the amount of magical instruments one person can wear at a time (surely even the greatest

troubador can't wear over 50 pounds of musical equipment on his person and still be agile enough to fight), or maybe the amount of dead bodies a person can be loaded with (i've carried thousands of pounds of dead orcs before, surely that defies physics).

In addition, sacks and boxes in sacks will simply become the new holder for potions - the total weight being carried will not change, just how it is held. Changing the weight doesn't help meet realistic representation, it only means that more complex systems will need to be created by players, further removing us from a fantastic immersion in an imaginary land, and instead making our life here one more aware of the clients we use to gain access to Avalon.

I am all in favour of making the land a better place, but I think this change would make things more complex, unwieldly, adversely affect fighting, and hinder the overall enjoyment and organic feeling of being part of a legendary world.

Apologies for posting this in the public section, but I don't have access to the elder's.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Leaflost, in the year 1142.