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Fulcrum Anarothto Telperinquar Hanann

Well hanann, you bore me so ill explain the math as its beyond your petty mind.

Lets say for this arguement I am a whole. And I will be represented by the letter 4a, you are double me, so you represent 8,you shall be known as 8a. Your team mate is the same size as you and shall be known as 8b. The person I just killed is one quarter me so shall be known as 1a.

I killed 1a. As I am 4a I killed someone 1/4 me. Avalon saw that as wrong.

You and your team mate, 8a and 8b attacked me. You therefore equal a team of 16a. making you 4 times my size. which would make me 1/4 your team.

With me so far?

Now that was not considered as wrong. Do the math, its simple.

Now lets just correct things in your petty moan. I didnt run back to a temple, i rather walked, stopping to heal at each of your staves along the way. So it took me a good 2 minutes to get there. Again, the simple arythmatic is beyond your mind.

And in the few mercinian years I had the misfortune to be part of, I saw a great many people show distrust in you. Myself included.

You have lost more citizens in recent years then you have gained, I love the sight of those backs as they stroll away to better things.

Good day, reply if you wish. You will not hear another word from me on this matter, especially as your mind can not manage to divide 16 by 4.

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Mournsend, in the year 1142.