Raistlin, you are fairly new so I will give you fair warning on this Notice board. It has come to my attention that you have totally loused up the Theban economy. This was once the strongest economy in Avalon, although thanks to an unfortunate incident some time ago involving Kobyashi (acting, I might say, not illegally, and quite honourably) we have been weakened, but never to this current state. I suspect you have been lining your own pockets, and hereby decalre that unless you prove the contrary, I shall hunt you down and slay you until you do prove such a thing. Since you probably have not met me before, I will warn you that I am not one to be triffled with.

Helkarakse Darkbringer, Baron of Thebes, HIgh-Priest of Cornelius, Guildmaster Seer, Master Demonologist, amongst other things