Eba-Fedaykin Allanon, Illuminatito Everyone

In the recent conflicts between my home city and the city my guild resides in

I have worked hard to not get involved.

As the leaders of Parrius choose not not accept peace I must change my poisiton

and aid my citymates in the coming fight.

However I respect my guilds position and its associated loyalties so I will publicly

state how I will act.

I will not attack fellow Artisans in Parrius but will attack if they are felling staves in Springdale.

I will not break into Parrian houses.

I will not fell Parrian staves.

I will not target small Parrians.

I will, as an Artisan, mix poitons or make runes for any Parrians that ask.

I accept that I will enemied to Parrius for the duration of the conflict and until the

time either Springdale or Parrius is forced to the peace table.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Agamnion, in the year 1141.