the divine.

You think it is \"entertaining\" to randomly zap mortals. I am NOT going to argue the \"god's will\" arguement. Yes, you are an immortal, and yes you have powers beyond my comprehension, and yes you have the RIGHT to kill whoever you want, however many times you want. However, the entire pantheon also has a responsiblity - to this game. You should WANT to exercise your divine will in a way that will improve Avalon.

When mortals - including young, potential subscribers - are online, the last thing that makes them want to play Avalon is a god intoning about how boring the land is, and how pathetic those who play it are. Then to harass those who actually enjoy being here, who PAY MONEY to be here? Talk about shoddy business practices. The reality is, LORD, you can't handle the responsiblity of immortality. You enjoy the benefits, but you simply can't handle being a god. The divine should add to roleplay - mortals ma

y cringe in fear, but they will agree it's all good and fine when an evil god, one who roleplays being evil and nasty, zaps everyone online. He has EARNED the right to create divine havoc.

You have built up no such roleplay. In a land that is increasingly lacking in roleplay, it should be job of the divine to help prop that back up. They have all the faculties to do so - when mortals see them chosing to use these powers for their own amusement, we can begin to hear the death knell.

If you have such little regard for this land, go elsewhere. Don't feel the need to ruin it yourself.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Springflower, in the year 1140.