Fidai Wizard August Silvermoonto Narissa

You are a liar.

How much of a liar, I am not truly aware. But you definitely lie about how \"regularly I enter Parrius aggressively in teams\". I maybe have teamed in parrius 2 or 3 times my whole life here. And that was only in the beginning of my fighting days so I could get a feel for it. And I shipped accordingly as one does in this land when experiencing new fighting arenas. But I digress.

But I do team. Yes I do. Within the walls of Springdale, I will team your filthy hides every chance I get. When I shipped you with Barcud last week (can we all hear the EDF song? How can we not? It swells to a dull sonic boom every time she dies), it made me very happy. Thrilled in fact. I even wrote about it in my diary, the words of joy just lept off my pen.

Not in Parrius, though. So leave me out of your ridiculous points especially when you are lying. And PLEASE dont ask me to re-read your postblahblahblah-frickin-blah,

When I see lies, I dont bother to read on.

Yours, oh so truly,


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Eleuthral, in the year 1140.