Facing it.

It is time to look at the harsh facts you have forced me to face, sage Vargo. I see now that yours is the only true voice in the lands that speaks only of reason and truth. Your complex yet compelling arguements are an example for many on this board to follow. Your rhetoric is clearly the product of many years of scholastic dedication. Likewise your analysis of the city of Thakria is without fault, if only those that have lived here for decades had your remarkable insight.

I beseech you to stay thy mighty hand as you watch me crumble before your mighty blades. Now I no longer have my legendary body guard Gaar, or the stateswoman Orielle, nor indeed the general of renowned fame and glory that is Threap I am at your tender mercy.

Alternatively, please do not enter into the discourses that neither concern you nor are they within the feeble realms of your comprehension.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Midsummer, in the year 1139.