Sa-Fedaykin Pahn, Night Rangerto Everyone

For Narissa -

I'm sure you, in your infinite wisdom and benevolence towards the land as a whole, would like for me to place the Forest Symbols in the far reaches of the realm where their beauty could only be seen by renowned travellers like Kodiak. Perhaps indeed I will start carving in the deep thickets of the Whispering wood, the far corners of the Angelwood or better yet, in Azrili or Gant. I mean, Gods forbid you would have to lay your sensitive eyes upon them.

The Symbol in question, shaped like an Eye, attacks those guilds enemied to the Rangers. The enemy status is earned and most definately warranted in all cases. It isn't targetted at all the little people of the realm out of malice. It is targetted at all members of the guilds that have been foolish enough to make enemies with the Rangers without fully understanding the gravity of said predicament.

You would have been better off simply posting the cures on your city board. I hear you are quite fond of your own whining voice on that forum as well, monopolizing it with your pointification of the obvious and whining.

To the smaller representatives of the enemied Guilds -

Do as she says. Simply cure the afflictions and go on with your lives. Question your elders, make them see the error of their ways in angering the Forests and its Guardians. I am sure the enemy status' can be re-negotiated after suitable reparations and penalties are paid.

Again, to the Wanna-be Thief Narissa -

As to your implication that it is driving potential new inhabitants away from the land prematurely, do remember that these people do not have access to this forum. Tell them of the Symbols in person instead of trying to take away an effective skill with your snide comments and pathetic whining.

Beware the Fury of the Woodlands,


Written by my hand on the 12th of Eleuthral, in the year 1139.