Post 21283.

Abydos The Enthrallerto Genesis, the god of time

It has been some time now since the implement of HELP SADISM and HELP MICROCOSM.

In the post mentioned in the subject header, you stated that harsh punishment would be

carried out by olympus over the next two months (which by now has been over 5 months since

the help files introduction).

I bring this up because Koenen and Narissa made a very interesting point about how Parrian city

policy is to attack anyone in Avalon that attacks another Parrian, even if it is outside their

own city, the person attacked was doing something offensive in an enemy city, or even if the

Parrian him/herself attacked an enemy outside of Parrius and was attacked back. Parrius

seems to contradict your public post to the rest of Avalon and perhaps it is time to clarify

to us mortals whether or not the rules of teaming, sadism and fighter misconduct still apply.

If they do, then perhaps something may be explained to the Parrian fighters who apparently

lack the literacy and higher education to understand something as simple as a balanced fight.

If not, then Avalon will simply go back to the constant teaming, lack of divine intervention,

hack and slash, who-can-team-who-first game.

It is my opinion as a fighter that this needs to be made more clear now that the time of

enforcement stated in your public post has passed.

With respect, Abydos

Written by my hand on the 26th of Cloudburst, in the year 1136.