This will be my last post to you.......

Belgadeth, the Shadowto Dunccan

As it obviously inflates you already overexpanded ego more than anyone cares for it to be.

I post responses to your posts because you post as if you are the end all to every topic you speak on. I post so that others can question your idiocy, and see that it is ok to question it in a public forum.

Personally, I don't want newbies reading the garbage you post, and not have any other opinion to gaze upon. I try and lead the people away from your dillusions and misrepresentation.

I post to illustrate to others that not only does the avalon world not revolve around you, but also that many and most of us give absolutely zero concern about your opinions and deceit.

I may not be the most honourable of sorts, but I do show some restraint and logic when it comes to my foes, friends, and public rants, unlike yourself.

On a more presonal note, you are not worthy of a knight. You should leave that to those that show honour and chivalry. You know not of the qualities whatsoever.

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Ilmarael, in the year 1135.