My last post to you.

Dunccanto Wyldefyre The Teddy Bear

If you read back about 1,000 posts it was I not noble if misguided cytik defending your honor. Four \"return to the forests\" and multiple stupid posts later. I'm through

You've abandoned 2 different cities or another, most state ministers you've worked under agree that you are surprise surprise more talk than action. Duno now, maybe you have changed since you left the forest to return to your home i bet is what you said or something like that.

Soon as things get hard again though I bet ya anything you will \"Return to the Forests\" again... Sadly yes some of my posts may be missunderstood as whinning, but you fail to realize that I only \"whine\" about what I percieve to be an inbalance or an injustice. From time to time I make fun of people but mostly I just follow my own path.

Eccentric I may be. Full of rage against injustice I know I am. At least however i know what I fight for, and why I come here. Do you? Furthermore, am I also now that i have thrown your stupid post in your face. also interesting. Or do I have to go strip kill and slaughter generations of your city's guilds' and order's young to become interesting.

Oh and one more thing, no I am not the epitome of fighters but it was a rule by Sir Trell Soul Forger that before a knight could become Guildmaster of Knights he should at least be able to beat his predecesor in single combat. Since Edgtho, and Foxedup arn't around Thats me.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Ilmarael, in the year 1135.