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Sir Cytik, Man O' Warto Dunccan


Normally I dont post on this board. I keep my opinion to myself or speak privately with those whom I have a problem with. However, your recent posts are completely out of hand. In post 21724 you brought Wyldefyre's post onto the public forum. Why? Because now that pills are back to normal you need something to make you feel big?

She like you has a right to her opinion. As a pacifist she may never be directly effected by the ruthless acts of violence committed by these people, but that does not mean she should not have an opinion on matters concerning them. I die to Threap everyday. Hell sometimes twice a day. I feel as though having him around does keep me on my toes. I may never beat him one on one with his gems. But it sure as hell gives me something to work for

So now I, a fighter one who has been shipped over and over, one who has been stripped (really stripped not just had a potion or a sword stolen), agree with Wyldefyre. What of it now Dunccan? Will you sit here now over analyse my post and attempt to explain to me through a series of insults what you think I said in this?

I'll save you the time and recap for you. I Cytik a fighter Agree with Wyldefyre statement that having people like threap around keeps me on my toes. The desire to see them ship at my hands gives me something to strive for. It makes me better, it makes me think outside the box on ways I can improve my fighting. She does not share your opinion, I do not share your opinion, and there are many others who do not share your opinion. That does not make us wrong.

Sir Cytik

flight 100

On a side note..... You Dunccan are a Knight by profession and the High Priest of Justice. You more than any other should know that you calling Wyldefyre, a pacifist, one who chooses peace over violence, a \"stupid wench\" was very much uncalled for. Maybe you should think before you speak. As Justice's second in command your words represent alot more than just you.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Ilmarael, in the year 1135.