I stand with what I say.

Wyldefyre The Teddy Bearto Dunccan

Sir, I have often supported you over the years and you may not agree with my perception on the land, but yes, I do state that having people who know advantages and use these advantages make Avalon interesting. You have never been a true pacifist and I will never be a fighter. These are completely two different lifestyles. It belittles you sir, to mock an observation of one who has never sought to do you harm, but support you from time to time. As An Avalonian, I have a right to post my thoughts. As

a true pacifist I usually stay out of discussions involving fighting and fight strategy. Is it not that I do not know how to fight. I choose not to. Those who adapt to change in the land and do it well, have my respect in the ways that they have learnt to adapt and change. I have been killed by several of them. My life is how I choose it, always in the hands of the fates. I would rather be a pacifst and observe some great strategy in the land, than be a fighter and whine not fair all the time.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Ilmarael, in the year 1135.