Recent changes.

Malhavok, the god of warto Everyone

Several changes to Avalon were implemented tonight. Please report any


-Runestaves will now hit people with extremely high health for a bit less

Damage to people with normal levels of health is unchanged.

-Loremasters can only have 12 staves fixed at any given time. This number

is subject to change as we see how it works out.

-Push can no longer be used over and over in rapid succession.

-Blessing bulimia can no longer be performed from afar. You must be in the room

with the person to whom you wish to give this \"blessing\".

-Cold resistance is now much more effective in warding off freezing, though

mages have sufficient mastery of the arcane to be able to penetrate the


-Teleport pills now operate in much the same way as traversal magic.

-Two thieves cannot share the same nickname.

-Dwarfism is not as resilient an affliction as it once was.

-A given location may only have one oilslick.

-After giving up the protection of the gods, there is a short delay before you

may take command of a legion or order it to assail anything.

-Guildless mages have had their cap on swordplay reinstated.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Mournsend, in the year 1135.