The ebony quest.

Malhavok, the god of warto Everyone

The divine ebony was handed out tonight to Caelred, who triumphed over more

experienced competitors in a series of quests that tested various aspects of

combative ability.

The initial contestants were divided into 4 teams, and each team competed against

another in a sands quest. Of those, the teams formed by Artecspirit of Mercinae

and Narissa of Parrius were triumphant. Artecspirit's team consisted of Kodiak,

Ghandarin, Belgadeth, Pahn, and Eloire while Narissa had assembled Orinoko,

Caelred, Maleki, and Koenen to fight with her.

The second round saw the remaining teams pitted in a battle to the death within

the Chetwood Forest. The teams appeared to be very equal in ability, however, for

after a lengthy period of time neither one had triumphed. So rather than one of the

teams being eliminated at that phase, they both progressed to the final round.

This was a free-for-all sands quest, which saw very competitive play all around

as everybody left in at that point held the sands for at least some time. Maleki,

Kodiak, Koenen, and Narissa spent the most time with the sands, but as the quest

drew near its end Caelred stole the sands. Ghandarin was quick to notice this and

descended on the young thief, slaying her and claiming the sands. He fled up the

rivers, but was beset by Kodiak and Maleki, and with less than two minutes left he

fell and Kodiak ended up with them. At this point the quest seemed a sure thing, for

Kodiak's knowledge of the land is unparalleled and it would be a simple matter for

him to avoid being run down for the last minute. However, beset by Maleki, Kodiak

lost his way along the rivers and fumbled about for a moment. Caelred, who was still

lurking nearby, managed to beat out Narissa who was closing in as well and get to

Kodiak while he tried to get his bearings. Before he could orient himself and run

off, Caelred arrived and lifted the sands with less than 15 seconds remaining. None

of the other competitors were able to discern what had happened quickly enough, and

Caelred claimed the ebony.

Hats off to a young thief for a well-played quest in which she was a competitive member

of her team throughout the entire duration of the event.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Cloudburst, in the year 1134.