Malhavok, the god of warto Everyone

Avalon has never had an elaborate \"roleplaying\" policy. Most people discover

Avalon is a fantastic world and inherently create personas that fit in this

world. There are certain extremes I've been witnessing recently, though, that

need to be addressed.

First, a certain decorum should be observed when dealing with public forums.

When shouting or posting on the bb, it is expected that you will all refrain

from speaking of otherwordly matters or other out-of-role subjects. There's no

need to discuss your internet connectivity, your zmud triggers, or your night

out drinking on such places. Those matters are for private talk between people

who know each other here well, not to smother the young in.

The second, which is becoming very common, is out-of-character insults. By all

means, taunt your opponents. I'm sure they're all worthless compared to you.

But keep those taunts in-role. There's no need to do otherwise, and it's certainly

inappropriate to bring up any knowledge or suspicion you might have of a person's

life outside of Avalon. This is completely out-of-character and can be very painful

to not just your opponent, but the person behind that opponent. This rule, especially,

will be enforced vigorously.

You don't all need to stride around spouting \"Ye\" and \"Thou\" all the time, but

use some common sense. Stop acting like a bunch of children.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Springflower, in the year 1133.