Vargo's date of departure.....

Belgadeth, the Shadowto Everyone

I will be holding a come one, come all party on this date. Everyone is invited, even you loathsome enemies (if you get too saucy from the booze, you will be promptly booted to the curb).

It will start at 9 pm, that is eastern avalonian time, for those that are crossing time zones. There will be a keg of Erigast's finest brew, and plenty of liquor from Raffi's fine establishment.

Appetizers will be served throughout the gathering, and we will have a nice musical guest, the Abydos Clan Band. All furglewort and grelixar must be smoked outside however.

My place is 187 Middle Street in Parrius between downtown and uptown. After the party slows down, we will move to either the Seagull bar, where we can drink fine whisky and listen to the old sailor sing the blues.

Or, we can head up to the Raffi's on the west side, and party till the sun comes up!

RSVP no later than 1st of Midwinter.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Agamnion, in the year 1132.