Sturmto Everyone

well now let me see... you say that i had this talk with opus telling him to kill you. hmmm well if i remeber correctly i told you that it was not me, i do not remeber telling anyone to kill you mirth. Plus i do not like Opus cose he thinks PC's are cool, so why would i what to talk to him?? ah yes this othere thing about this guy challage you, i did not ask him to i did not say ditto to him/her. who ever it was!!

Plus you can NOT uncitizen me cose me has Q'sed you, so tuff titty!!

Oh so if you what a WAR mirth please continue cose when i'm finnised with you, you will have no guild, not city no baron ship and your level will be at new born. so neeeeeerrrr!!!!.

now that you have really peed me off i will get the 4th person the Vote! so hehheheehehehehehehehheheheh!!!! bye bye mirth Ex-baron on eleuse, ex-mage, ex-eleusen!! have fun!!