Hollow words.

This would be the same person who only recently posted that we would NEVER compromise or grant concessions while he had a single man at his disposal? Perhaps it would have been wise for your alleged desire for peace had been directed towards us.

I do not hear the words of a weary statesmen who seeks only to ensure a peaceful life that his people may prosper. Instead I hear the bitter words of a Parrian who understands the vagaries of warfare and understands only too well the vulnerabilties these campaigns can expose.

Credit where credit is due. You all but exhausted your reserves of iron to raise your fortifications to defy our advance. And though we reduced your outer fortifications to rubble, we decided not to expend our valiant men on a futile assault on your fortifications. For that, I can commend you on an excellent manouvere.

Our legions then positioned themselves over a protracted battle to threaten your north and western gates. With the assistance of your allies from the west you had superiority of numbers for much of the battle.

And then as your 18K advanced from the north gate, I could hear the celebrations starting in Parrius. That your 18K would defeat our 9K was never in question. That it cost you 8K of your men I suspect was not in the plan.

And then for your remaining troops to be decimated by the very same tactic we employed to the north and barely 3K men to limp back home. Aye, there were no jubilant cheers to be heard as they dragged themselves back behind your forts.

outp sata

rub sata on longsword57787 for your claim that we came to raze your city, you really think we had enough men to achieve that goal? Consider it carefully. Perhaps our motives were not so grand. Suffice to say I am satisfied with the outcome.

intimidate thakrian has been a long day for us all. As you nurse your ale and count your losses, consider again the folly of bravado and posturing. Parrius has brought this war on itself. And now blood is drawn on both sides.

Clansman Grymauch, Paladin of Springdale

Written by my hand on the 15th of Midsummer, in the year 1132.