I refer you to Pahn's post.

His post goes for ST's alike.

If you would slide those blinders off your eyes, you would see that I did not say you repeatedly killed those I mentioned.

Just as I do not repeatedly kill Ethric and Eloire, ask them, or they should just post to save a grave injustice.

In fact, I have actually hung out with Eloire and Ethric and talked to them, more than I can say you probably do with them.

The only smaller SD I will attack often is August, because he has a foul mouth, and continues to get involved in big people fights.

Which I refer you to Pahn's post, once again.

As far as for the titles, don't you just love it? We have created an anti-fedayakers society. It's wonderful!

Finbar, take it to the fighters bb, you ignorant lush.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Paglost, in the year 1132.