And the rest of Parrian littles really.

By your own admission you \"tried to attack Finbar\" and you wonder where the bloodlust for some people come from?

Lets say Finbar had no bloodlust, and you attacked him. He would then dispatch you quickly, and voila, bloodlust. Get off your high horse Caldur, Caelred and other riff raff. You get involved in fights with bigger folks, you will get killed. And the bigger folks will have bloodlust as a result.

Just the other day, I was strolling in Parrius when Caelred starts shooting at me. Had I killed her I would have a chunk of bloodlust too. But she had the common sense to stop when I told her to.

Your actions will cause a reaction Parrius. Time for you all to learn that.

Just because you want to \"protect your city\" for brownie points with your incompetent captains doesn't mean we should just let it slip by and not counter attack.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Paglost, in the year 1132.