nope you are wrong.

I would ask Zazenhen and Caelred to post on this board lest an injustice occur.

Blotto says that I attacked you hunted you without provocation. That even after the initial attack was done that I kept hate in my heart and attacked you after just for protecting your city. If you have any honor, if you have any sense of Justice godamit you will post the truth.

Belgadeth is another story altogether him and I were actually buddies but he has a nasty tendancy to be an annoying teaming thakrian loving prick. kinda like you Blotto.

Oh and one more thing, Many times did zazenhen AND caelred both say how much fun they had during a team fight even though they died, why? Because unlike you, or threap or others I know when to stop and not take things personaly. The current parrian play on words in their Suffix however will not be tolerated

My actions may be seen as sadistic in the coming days if your names are not changed, you have but to change your suffix and all will be good. Or you can join gaar that ignoble curr in his stockroom and protection.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Paglost, in the year 1132.