ok, this has got to stop.......

Your freaking insane.

You did, and do attack our littles, I will do a comparison to show you:

You and your citizens have attacked Caelred, Belgadeth, and Zazenhen all relatively the same size as those you mentioned from ST.

This was well before you decided you would demonstrate your hidden ill intention to our city as a whole.

Not only did you attack them, but you came to our city and killed them, when they have not even been invloved in the fighting.

Eloire and Ethric (both 1/4 of me, as you have denoted as the saving grace for small players) have both taken it upon themselves to attack me, so I kill them, simple as that. I never touched either one of before they bonded me.

The same thing goes for August, he teamed me in Parrius, he dies.

You are on no pedestal, rather you are in a cesspit, digging yourself deeper with blatant lies and deceit.

Just because you are in the order of Justice, does not mean it can't and won't be rendered on you are your kind for your wrong doings.

I thought blinders were for horses and jackasses, well I guss you meet the requirements of the later.....


Written by my hand on the 20th of Paglost, in the year 1132.