Long Night Auction.

Dreeman Fye, Oh So Slyto Everyone

Greetings citizens of Avalon,

Having received a number of enquiries regarding the Long Night auction

thus far, I would like to save some time by publicly addressing the most

common ones.

1) The most common concern is that the Bandits Guild will simply 'reacquire'

the Long Night items once they have been purchased. I would like to officially

assure all interested parties that the Bandits Guild is willing to include,

as a condition of purchase, a fixed duration of 'safety' for the Long Night

items from Bandit hands. The duration of this safety period is open to

negotiation and would be favourably affected by the amount of the proposed


2) Yes, the Guild will happily consider bids in forms OTHER than just gold

coin. Iron, tin, silver, rope, essence, fighting herbs or indeed anything of

value (please use common sense here, somet hings are too easy to get or

cheap to be considered valuable in a case such as this) can be offered

as payment.

3) Several people have enquired about the auction -despite- not being the

official representative of their particular organisation. It seems some

citizens and followers place more importance on the Long Night being put up

or being kept down than their superiors do. I'd be happy to receive bids,

either publicly or privately, from individuals who wish to make them.

I hope that answers the more common queries so far. Please feel free to msg

me with any further questions or bids.

Kind Regards,

Dreeman Fye, Guildmaster of the Bandits Guild

Written by my hand on the 5th of Springflower, in the year 1132.