While I cant see a logical reason why either you or abydos replied to my post. Neither of you are poison pickers or animists (anymore). While its obvious abydos has an infatuation with me, as she sees fit to post a reply to everything I post about, I am yet to see why you posted.

astral for your comments saying I am guilty, what am I guilty of exacty? Maud has already openly admitted on the BB she arranged for all the poisons and herbs to be moved from the hidden valley to else where. The poisons in hidden valley where fare above what animists can pick and yet someone was picking them as they where not all at 60.

astral for you Abydunce, I suggest before sticking your nose into other peoples business you understand whats being talked about, who the hell mentioned Alessandria?

astral for protecing the hidden valley, as I am sure thats what us adults are talking about, how can striping the entire place be protecting it? I wasnt picking herbs, just poisons, and as I have stated some 3 times already some other poison picker already had access. But I guess I just dont have that special arrangment with maud to be allowed access. *roll eyes*



Written by my hand on the 23rd of Cloudburst, in the year 1132.