Long Night Auction.

Greetings Allanon,

You're right, I'm not an obsessed cultist nor do I specifically wish

to inconvenience any one party. Rather, my motives for initiating this

auction are two-fold...

1) We Thieves love a bit of Chaos. What better way to ruffle some feathers

and put a boot into the backside of complacency than to dangle the

possibility of another Long Night in the air? Being neutral, we're

not backing any one party (after all, this has come about in the form

of a public auction, where ALL are welcome to participate!). We just

happen to believe Avalon is a more interesting place when there's

something to fight over and get all worked up about!

2) Profit, plain and simple. We Thieves also happen to love a bit of

the good old Coin. What better way to make some than to sell something

valuable to the highest bidder? You may not agree with our morals, but

most would be hard-pressed to argue that the move doesn't make sense.

Each to their own, I suppose.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that, considering

your Orders supposed ongoing desire to suppress the Long Night,

it's efforts have been found quite lacking. The FEW items held by

your people were -frightfully- poorly secured. Seems to me that

ensuring your Deity's access to Avalon (as you then thought was

the case) wasn't -terribly- high in priority. Furthermore, several

of these items were actually found to be in NOBODY's hands, and were

found lying around in generic treasure rooms scattered around the land.

So much for your Order's 'attempts' to secure them. Surely Verlakmar's

little treasure chamber, with a pathetic lock and no protective runes

to speak of, wasn't too much of a challenge? Finally, the truth of

the matter is that the majority of the Long Night items we now possess

were in the hands of parties oppositely aligned to your Order. Without

our intervention, this would still be the case. The dreadful prospect

of the Long Night coming about that you seem to abhor so greatly would

probably have already come about had those parties learned of the

whereabouts of your poorly protected items.

As a neutral Guild, the Bandits of Avalon do not favour any one side. To

hand the Long Night items over to those who consider themselves 'good'

would break this philosophy of neutrality as surely as would handing

them over to those who consider themselves 'evil'. Due to the nature

of our profession, we find ourselves with the opportunity to stand in

in the middle, add some spice to the land, and profit while we do so.

If the bids rolling in to me so far in private are anything to go by,

interest is very high indeed. Time will tell which parties find

themselves left by the wayside due to procrastination and the desire to buy

these items with 'reason'.

Kind Regards,

Dreeman Fye, Guildmaster of the Bandits Guild

Written by my hand on the 13th of Cloudburst, in the year 1132.