Well done Maud you cleared out the hidden valley because I managed to get access. How animist like of you. Nothing like cutting your nosey off to spite your face. Well it is your loss really; I was only picking poisons there not herbs. However I and I am sure the rest of the poison picking population of Avalon would like to know which poison picker you had remove all the poisons? The bumba for one is Ult poisons and you cant pick. No doubt this ruthless individual who clearly helped pick all the poison

s only to spite me, is also the same individual who has been over picking poisons else where trying to get me the blame. So all you poison pickers that where as annoyed as I was about someone removing all the resik, I suggest you ask maud. As it is blatantly clear she knows who it is.

Threap, chairman of MAFA (Meddling Animist Free Avalon)

Written by my hand on the 8th of Cloudburst, in the year 1132.