hoooo diddy.

You sure do posta good ol' post master ender, yes indeedee

You must think you are posting to children. Silly grey old bear, the truth is conflict is what the land needs and the Brigands bring about conflict for the yes complacent rangers, and its creation made many a Gural (lycanthrope bear) rend with tooth and slice with claw.

Thats fine. my question is a valid one and one that will be answerd If thought to be worthy by the Lord of Time the rest of you weak ninnies mean nothing.

Avalon is a land where the strong thrive and the weak dwindle, I wouldn't be so complacent in your guild ender, let us not forget you abandoned it to join warriors. Perhaps the favour that the Lord of Time showed the ehem battle hardened Brigands may yet fade in lew of their constant divine protection status, tree-top hugging, and stockroom cowering.

The hunt is among us, and before it is over I will lie with my woman in front of my hearth, atop fresh, new, bear skin rugs.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Mournsend, in the year 1132.