History Lesson.

Well, I was enjoying my hibernation, however when news of this juicy topic slipped past my ears I just couldn't resist the temptation to post.

I wish, just for the record, to make a couple of minor corrections to several of the more ill-informed posts recently circulated here. I shan't be touching on Wyldefyres posts as I fear the shear volume of her inaccuracies would prove insurmountable, given the limited time I have available. So, first a little history lesson.

The Brigands guild was founded only a few years after the Rangers by Charlemagne and around the time of its conception the key members included the likes of Prudence and Seth. Like the Thieves guild at the time (and to this day), they held no association with any one city, at most they would steer clear of certain cities. They were, as someone correctly pointed out, a guild of thieves.

When the Thief orientated guilds of Avalon united under the single force of the Bandits, both the Thieves guild and the Brigands guild slipped into dormancy and for many years to come very little stirred in the leaves of the Grey forest.

Over 32 years ago, I beseeched the Lord of Time to allow a battle hardened group of Rangers to leave the wretched and timid Rangers too their knitting in the Greenwood. By his will, and with the aide of Nostradamus, god of Darkness the Brigands guild once again rose out of the Grey forest, this time favouring life in the forests over life in the cities.

The three members of the Rangers who left, with a combined age greater than all the other active Rangers at the time, took exactly half of the key fighting commodities from the Rangers stores. We did no touch their wool nor dyes so they would be safely able to continue their largely pointless existence making pretty clothes. We did not take the vast majority as claimed by some.

So now, we have a guild which is once again blooming. It is in the hands of Darkness which is where it has always been since its rebirth and we have conflict, struggle, diversity and a splash of chaos in the land. Which I can safely say is a good thing. Unless of course Dunccan, you doubt the combined wisdom of Nostradamus, god of Darkness and Genesis, god of Time for allowing this \"abomination\" to come to exist at all?

Time for me to go back to my slumber in the trees, I urge you all to read all you can about the Brigands and then lock up your children. It's hunting season.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Mournsend, in the year 1132.