Most strange.

Clansman Grymauch, Paladin of Springdaleto Narissa

Thank you for returning the deceased diseased delinquents. The strange thing is they were fine when we last saw them and yet they seem to show all the signs of having contracted scurvy.

A more suspicious mind than my own would suspect they had been detained within a place associated with scurvy for a lengthy period of time.

Upon closer inspection we notice flecks of seaweed between their toes.

And what's this?

Clutched in their tiny little hands is a piece of paper that says \"Congratulations! You have won first prize in the Parrian Sweet Giveaway. Report to the Three Finger Docks to claim your prize! \".

Foul villainy is afoot.

Clansman Grymauch, Paladin of Springdale

Written by my hand on the 29th of Eleuthral, in the year 1132.