Back for how long? The brigands were created when a schism happend with the guild of rangers, not one brigand had played in months. I mean the rangers had been unique for ages, other unique guilds were coppied and eventually due to the lazy disinterest of their founders they have dissapeared.

Necromancers, Minstrels, thieves, the original brigands, rogues...

What is the point of the brigands? What does it add? It is just a place where people who are not allowed into the rangers guild to get a skillset. I do not feel that the brigands love their guild, even as they loved once the rangers. I feel that they are an assorted group of rects who's only reason of existance is to snub rangers.

I guess my post was asking, and I did bring all of avalon into it on purpose magdalene... Next time all the brigands dissapear for months and months and months... what would it take to close the guild doors down so only rangers would again regain the sole mastery of the forests.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Midwinter, in the year 1132.