Myths of Avalon.

Magdalene, the Raven Haired Beautyto Everyone

I do not refer to tales such as those of Agamemnon (sp?) or Pagea, I refer to the

more modern myths that are spoken of time and time again on these boards.

Myth 1 - Only Thakrians team, steal, strip, bully and use questionable tactics.

Myth 2 - Only the 'Dark' Gods use their powers to directly affect mortals directly and adversely.

Myth 3 - That it is not deemed acceptable for gem holders to continue to act within

the world as they did before they held gems and that they should only interact against other gem holders.

Recently all three of the above popular Avalon myths have had outings in this forum. Having lived

in all four cities and fought on all sides I can catagorically state that the first two are completely


While it is not suprising that most people have a blinkered view about the actions of their friends

compared to those of their enemies it would be nice every now and then to see the blinkers come off

and for people to accept what really goes on here.

As for (pseudo) myth 3, to suggest that the high achievers should reduce their influence within the

land and limit themselves due to their success. It has never been the case in the past and

I personally see no reason why it should happen now.

Sometimes it would be nice to read public arguements without finding them to be filled with the fallacies

of the uninformed and disgruntled.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Agamnion, in the year 1131.