Born to Be Wyldefyreto Hunter Keldor

Well said. As an Elder and a DGM of the Rangers, when I was on, I always sought to assist them, offer advice and the ONLY thing I ever denied them was a pouch. Why? We didn't have any. We didn't have any leather and we couldn't obtain leather. Yet, they were given herbs and poisons, pipes and equipment, They were trained by the fighters and advised by the rest of us. we dropped everyting to go to their aid time and again. Oh yes, the Rangers are terrible about not taking care of their own.

Now having said that, Firedragon and Icedragon have free will. Not everyone stays with the first guild of their choosing, and many go looking for the \"Greener grass\". But they as citizens of Avalon have the right to make their own decisions and should live their own lives. Our posting and posing about these two is getting old. Let them stand on their own two feet and form their own alliances and friendships. They did not accept help when offered and that is their choice.

I wish them well and think they deserve a chance to create a life for themselves in avlaon.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Leaflost, in the year 1131.