Your last post posed questions.

I have been in the race for ordination just the once losing to Shaitan in the semi final (no contest really)

Alas no other chances were there during my prime as only appointments took place for years

until the next competetive ordination (Sturge).

I am now past my sell by date so bow to your accomplishments of winning 4 gems.

My reference to Sturges ordination serves two purposes.

Firstly to remind you that burned bridges and your typical behaviour has ramifications.

Secondly to demonstrate to the likes of Abydos there is a way he can strike back.

You made the original accusations against my name, I do not lie and have a right to reply.

I have not asked any questions of you merely made a statement - its up to you if you think

you need to post further.

Age may have caused me to lose some teeth but I still intend to gum you every chance I get

just to annoy you.

Have a nice day

Written by my hand on the 13th of Leaflost, in the year 1131.