Utter Nonsense.

Allanon for god sack just give it up ok, I am tried of your bs. You where when I was in my young a teaming striping bully. nothing more and probly alot less. You keep bringing up sturges ordination, because I lost its supposed to cut me deep or something? How many times have you even been in the race Allanon? yet alone arrive at the finishing post second? And I am very proud of my achievements as they far out rank anything you have ever achieved, 4 gems in total I have won, been a contender in 2 ordina

tion, I am price of thakria, and Hp to darkenss


That will be all, enjoy your medioca existance as a 2nd rate citizen in a 3rd rate town, and continue to pretend to be honost and pure in your role as High preist of light.


Written by my hand on the 11th of Leaflost, in the year 1131.