I happily admit to teaching many Thakrians a lesson about the consequences of getting involved

in inter city conflicts (stone work is an example) but the lesson invariably was leaving the person

incapacitated with their possesions on the floor at their feet.

I have never sought to \"strip\" people especially the young.

Perhaps ask Xanthe her views , I recall a conversation soon after she joined Olympus on her youth.

I am happy to stand by my acheivements, notably for me actively helping Sturge to defeat you.

I look forward to the next ordination so I can try to help stop you again. Please don't try to

justify yourself, as I said in my previous post just be proud of what you are.

P. S I have never claimed to be a great fighter but I have (apart from a brief foray in the bards) been

loyal to my professional for all of my life and I can sleep happy at night with accomplishments

I wonder whether you will ever be content?

Written by my hand on the 9th of Leaflost, in the year 1131.