I think you're getting your knickers in a twist over nothing. Clearly

swiping something of value with legitimate roleplay and style becoming

to a thief is quite different to throwing your weight around as a big

bully using extremely blunt and forceful methods like shirolos or

feeble to rob the young and assert your superiority over them.

Save your defence for when you are actually being criticised for something

as in this case you have not been.

I approve of thieves stealing things, as that is what they were designed

to do, but you should use caution when robbing someone a LOT smaller than

you because you are not being fair and giving them a chance to spot the

attempt or react to it (they'd most likely get a death to add to their

problems if they did).

I do not think it is unreasonable to expect thieves to exercise the same

levels of restraint and maturity that is being demanded of fighters when

it comes to targetting the young or significantly smaller.


Written by my hand on the 27th of Hindyear, in the year 1131.