to clear something up.

Not to argue, well ok to argue a little but to get a clearer picture. In your eyes then if I see someone smaller then me has not protected a suit of armor or a pouch and I steal said pouch that is stripping and wrong? Even though, gasp I am a thief and well that is what we do we steal?

I honestly can't think of a thief who from time to time will pluck an occasional item from a smaller unsuspecting player not on the lw list. As someone else pointed out to me if this is stripping and not to be done then why bother teaching the young to protect their goods and why bother having a thief profession.

I do think the whole help sadism is needed, however at the same time I think too much babying is going and it dilutes from something I found exhilirating when I was smaller. I too had items taken when I was smaller by the likes of Allanon and his henchmen, and though I likely deserved it, it also drove me to become that much better to inflict vengeance and domination over them. Today you whine a little because you don't like something I have to say rather insiginficant happen to you and dieties jump

in either because they genuinly like you or to just shut you up and it seems to ruin a bit of the magic of the land.

None of this is meant to disrespect Lord Nostradamus or any diety but instead more to air a concern of mine that in pursuit to govern the sadist of the land we take away some of the more challenging and interesting aspects of the land and baby our youth into becoming worthless senior players.


Written by my hand on the 26th of Hindyear, in the year 1131.