Stripping and the dragons.

Nostradamus, god of darknessto Everyone

Plaman just to clear up a technical point there is no line when it comes

to stripping someone much smaller than yourself. One item or their

entire inventory they are both wholly unacceptable actions.

When we are talking about peers then it if one item should drop during a

fight or a potion get shattered or a rune get smelted no big deal, if

an entire inventory is systematically destroyed or acquired then that is

peer stripping for sure.

I do not owe Mercinae any debt of justification, however as Narissa

clearly corroborates they were already deeply unhappy before they left.

In fact the only reason they came to my attention at all was the

commotion they were causing appealing to their guild elders to address

their concerns and as I began to watch with interest saw to my further

amusement these guild elders (Keldor and Esprii) 'slag' these two promising

individuals off to each other with msgs and tells. I saw they clearly had

no future in the rangers or Mercinae and so rescued them from their

doomed existence as 'city men generators' (India's description of them to


I am pointing this out not as form of justification for I need none but

just to underline what a bunch of idiots you all clearly are.


Written by my hand on the 25th of Hindyear, in the year 1131.