my post was refering to the days of long ago some 7 or 8 real years ago, when I was new to the game you repeatedly striped thakrian young, me included, along with other in the so called order of light, you hide behide excuses such as a seer is a danger to mercinae. blah blah blah. I recall you actions as if they where yesterday sitting there in the doomed lookout as lilandarin you and trell, used arrow, strike and feeble to take away my items.

You can deny it all you like High Priest of Light, it happend, although there are not many left from that era, i am sure Xanthe in her Mortal form Kylan remembers, the rediculous amount of striping and killing of young thakrians you did back then. You where never realy all that good and still arnt. some 8-10 months after my birth and 2 thief guild ults later, i was shipping you without much trouble. Since then you are have done nothing but teamed me, and refused my challenges. Your greatest acheivment

agaist me these days is shattering the odd potion or shemlting my charm. usualy with some minion knight in tow.

get potion28428 from sack

Here we are some 8 years later and you are still an \"Average Fighter\", your kills still come from teaming thakrians half your size. You can hide the truth from your followers and friends anyway you like, justifty it to the divine in many forms. The truth is still known by those that matter.


Written by my hand on the 22nd of Hindyear, in the year 1131.