Sad and deluded.

I find it amusing to see what your twisted mind spews out, it must be too much time

spent in the company of demons.

I would rather you not sully the names of myself and other members of my Lords order with

your lies and accusations - I dont strip period and only seek to shatter and smelt those that

in my own opinion deserve it.

You seem to seek to justify the way you act. At least Shaitan just did it and did not

apologise to anyone. You have burned your bridges and probably have a good idea what a low

opinion most have of you (and most would not criticise your ability to fight).

You have been in most professions and cities, tried to ingratiate yourself to people leading up

to gemquests but always we see the same end result.

The bottom line is you inspire two courses of action, those that may like to see you ordained to get

you out of the way (tho I dread to think what a pathetic meddling deity you may make)

and for toher ( Abydos may like to consider this) we will try to thwart you.

I remember fondly Sturges ordination and my contribution to you not winning - that will probably

spur me on again to support your opponent in what ways I can - I am getting the impression that

many many others will do the same and you should have learned by now oh wise one that at the end of

the day it comes down to 2 contenders and the support they have.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Hindyear, in the year 1131.